Iowa Physician Acceptability Survey on MOL is History…for Me

Take_SurveyThe Iowa Physician Acceptability Survey on Maintenance of Licensure (MOL) in Iowa was sent out yesterday by e-mail link, which I completed. I’ve written several posts about this, the most recent on March 23, 2014. In case you can’t guess, of course I completed Question 31 (“Please provide any additional comments you might have that are related to this survey or to your overall thoughts about MOL.”), the answer to which I had to cut several times because it was restricted to only 1024 characters and spaces. The survey will be open until April 21, 2014. Aggregate results will be available to the board in June. I’ve volunteered to interview with the MOL committee as well.

I entered the drawing for the “16 GB iPad mini with Retina display.” Hey, I don’t have the mini!

Below is my response to Question 31:

I support the principle of lifelong learning but opposed to MOL. I sponsored a resolution to oppose MOL which was co-sponsored by the Iowa Psychiatric Society and adopted in April 2013 by the Iowa Medical Society House of Delegates.

MOL would essentially tie medical licensure to MOC. Resolutions opposed to MOC and/or MOL have been adopted in Ohio, California, Florida, Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, New York, Michigan, Wisconsin, and North Carolina. The number of signatures is over 3,300 on a petition to the American Board of Internal Medicine to recall recent changes to MOC making participation even more frequent and more costly than it already is.

I believe MOL would hurt recruitment of doctors to Iowa. There is no evidence base supporting the idea that MOL would improve patient outcomes. While it may more closely chart a doctor’s participation in CME and professional development activities, my experience with MOC so far is that the MOC activities available are, in fact, not often relevant to my practice.

I’m urging all Iowa physicians to answer the survey! I know it’s easier to forget annoying processes like the MOL. This is partly because the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) and the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) offer up the Lotus of forgetfulness, the empty reassurances that MOC and MOL will protect patients and guarantee better outcomes.

Don’t eat the Lotus.