Randomise The Opera Bird Prize? Updated 3/1/2018

Updated 3/1/2018: The “randomise me” web site has been hijacked and is no longer valid.

I’ve been asking colleagues about the possibility of using the randomise me (no longer valid) site to promote the Epic Delirium Order Set, which some of you might recall I speculated about in a previous post. An alert reader, Psych Practice, asked me if I’d have to run it by the Institutional Review Board (IRB).

I just found out I would probably have to run it by them. I’ll think about it. I’ve also wondered about giving incentives to the test group who would use the order set. Maybe subjecting the internal medicine residents to a fitting punishment if they don’t use it would work, like forcing them to watch an entire “classic” horror movie from Svengoolie.

But a positive is always better than a negative and I’ve considered treating them to an aria by the Opera Bird, otherwise known as the Eurasian Wren:

They might like prizes like HotSox,

birthday hotsox
HotSox Prizes


They could wear them with the red pants of lifelong learning,Dr. Jim Amos redpantsredsox

Dr. Jim Amos Red Pants Today


On the other hand, they might like a nice music video; I think I have a pretty good bead on what they want, with a large selection

What the heck, they probably would just like some cool screensavers about the Delirium Order Set, which by the way are scheduled to go live the week of May 9, 2014. Oh, they are so hot, I gotta put the fire outDr. Amos putting out fires


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