Finding Jenny Lind Porter

The Lantern of Diogenes and other poems by Jenny Lind Porter (old)

The Lantern of Diogenes and other poems by Jenny Lind Porter (old)

I got a message from another student of Dr. Jenny Lind Porter, about whom I’ve written a few times on this blog. One representative piece is spotlight post on Jenny Lind Porter. You can see the comments from her other former students, Karen J. Massey and Darlynna Morris Rush. Recall I was one of her students at Huston-Tillotson College back in the 1970s and she was the inspiration for another post, Nearly Naked Admiration.

Because we have been wondering for years now whether there is any way to contact Dr. Porter to thank her for being an outstanding teacher and mentor, I googled her name and discovered that a woman named Jenny Lind Porter is the honoree for a poetry contest and scholarship award called The Jenny Lind Porter Scholarship. It’s sponsored by the Austin Poetry Society.

So I sent an email message to the Austin Poetry Society as follows:


I have a question about the honoree of the Jenny Lind Porter Scholarship. I and at least a couple of other former students of a Dr. Jenny Lind Porter wonder if the honoree and she are the same person.

My blog post at link
has been discovered by Karen J. Massey and Darlynna Morris Rush and we all learned a great deal from Dr. Porter.

All three of us wonder if the Jenny Lind Porter Scholarship honoree is also the Dr. Jenny Lind Porter who was our teacher many years ago. We would like to thank her personally, if it’s possible.

Thank you very much for your consideration.”

Let’s see what happens.



  1. I just got contact information for Dr. Jenny Lind Porter from the Austin Poetry Society. What a surprise! She is “still active and brilliant.” I’m trying to notify the other two former students about the news.


  2. Jenny Lind Porter is listed as a contributing patron in the Austin Poetry Society Annual Yearbook 2013-14, see p. 43 of the yearbook, which is page 50 of the pdf file

    Many thanks to Karen J. Massey, another former student of Dr. Porter, for pointing this out.


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