ACEs Study: Guest Blog by Dr. Resmiye Oral

The link, ACEs Dr Resmiye Oral blog takes you to an outstanding guest blog by a colleague in The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics Department of Pediatrics about the Adverse Childhood Events (ACE) study which Dr. Oral presented at a recent Pediatrics Department Grand Rounds conference. Dr. Oral’s presentation builds on that of the physicians who did the original study, a shortened YouTube presentation of which is included above. She makes the study relevant to Iowans, but she does much more than that. You get a sense of her passion for her life work, her dedication, and her love for children.

Dr. Resmiye Oral MD

Dr. Resmiye Oral MD

Dr. Oral’s research interests include: – Drug Exposed Children and Neonates – Forensic Pediatrics – Child Abuse and Neglect – Shaken Impact Syndrome – Primary Medical Care of Children in Foster Care – Healing Course of Genital Injuries.  She runs a child abuse assessment clinic, where she sees both sexually and physically abused children and do inpatient consultations for children admitted to the hospital for physical abuse and neglect concerns. Dr. Oral is also working on a parental education program in the nursery to prevent shaken impact syndrome and the development of online training material on child abuse and neglect for medical trainees at the University of Iowa.

“From very early on my parents would constantly say, “my smart girl, she is going to become a doctor” and eventually I got interested. I knew I wanted to be a kids’ doctor, because I have always loved children.”–Dr. Resmiye Oral, MD.


She has a vision for the future, which must start with showing us what now exists in our painful present.

Y un niño enfermo se curo (And a sick child was cured). The translation.

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