Update on Entrustable Professional Activities for the Psychiatry Consult Service

Dr. Nancy William, MDThis is just an update on the Entrustable Professional Activities (EPA) project that our Clinical Excellence Committee has been working on. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that our residency directors took my very rough draft of my imperfect understanding of the EPA (which I outlined in an EPA post) idea to a recent annual meeting of the American Association of Directors of Psychiatric Residency Training (AADPRT) in March 2014 in Tucson. It was well received and I have to give credit to the Associate Director of our training program, Dr. Nancy Williams, for how good it looks on paper. When you compare it to the current long and, in some rotations, inapplicable evaluation form we now use, I think it’s much more practical for both residents and faculty.

Consults EPA eval form mar 27

EPA for Delirium

Clinical Educator Evaluation of a Resident

The abbreviations in the EPA form are for the basic competencies: PC=Patient Care; MK=Medical Knowledge; PBL=Practice-Based Learning; SBP=Systems-Based Practice; ICS=Interpersonal and Communication Skills; P=Professionalism.

You can readily see how the present evaluation form, along with the ACGME Milestones Project, can lead to an overwhelming mountain of paperwork, much of it irrelevant to the assessment of whether a trainee is ready for independent practice. EPAs are much easier to apply in everyday life and more meaningful than competencies.Business Woman Climbing a Pile of Files

The next step is to pilot the Delirium EPA on the psychiatry consultation service. We’ll see how this flies and I’ll keep you posted as we keep going further on.