South Carolina Medical Association Resolution Opposing MOC

Below is the resolution affirming continuing medical education and opposing Maintenance of Certification (MOC) just adopted by the South Carolina Medical Association. What’s unique about this action is that it specifically opposes “mandatory maintenance of certification for licensure, hospital privileges and reimbursement from third-party payers.”

There is also talk of lobbyists getting this codified into state law.

I was just notified of this finalized version of the resolution by Paul Kempen, MD, an Ohio physician who led the opposition to Maintenance of Licensure (MOL) in Ohio, where it was defeated. He thinks this could be used as a template by other state medical societies.

I have already contacted the Iowa Medical Society to inquire whether or not they would support such a resolution. Recall that my resolution to support lifelong learning and oppose MOL was adopted in April 2013 by the Iowa Medical Society House of Delegates.


There probably are many physicians in the country who are faced with crises like insurers requiring them to participate in MOC in order to stay on the panel. This could be one way to address situations like that, in which doctors feel cornered.

I’m in favor of it. The resolution to support lifelong learning and oppose MOL in Iowa was adopted last April. What do others think?

REFERRED TO: Reference Committee on Medical Education and Hospitals
SUBJECT: Opposition to Mandatory Maintenance of Certification (MOC)

WHEREAS; physicians are among the nation’s most rigorously trained professionals; and
WHEREAS; requirements for maintaining the skills needed to serve their patients vary greatly depending upon their patient population and chosen set of treatments offered; and
WHEREAS; no one is in a better position than the individual physician to determine how best to maintain the needed skills; and
WHEREAS; constant externally imposed study requirements tend to enforce conformity rather than encourage the independence of thought essential for professionals; and
WHEREAS; mandatory recertification is likely to reduce access to care by encouraging retirement of physicians who are providing excellent, much needed care; and
WHEREAS; the direct and indirect costs of mandatory recertification are unprecedented in any other health care profession, resulting in unreasonable and unequal burdens placed on physicians that require time away from their practices and caring for patients that is not insignificant, as well as the direct monetary costs that are used solely for the enrichment of private monopolistic corporations that inflict these unproven burdens; and
WHEREAS; mandatory recertification empowers government and disenfranchises patients and professionals; and
WHEREAS; there is currently no existing South Carolina Medical Association (SCMA) policy calling for opposition to mandatory maintenance of certification (MOC); therefore be it
RESOLVED; that the SCMA oppose mandatory maintenance of certification for licensure, hospital privileges and reimbursement from third party payers; and be it further
RESOLVED; that the SCMA supports continuing medical education by physicians.
May 2014″