For Goodness’ Sake; Let’s Take a Break with Dr. Richard Kogan

Let’s take a break from the politics of psychiatry and enjoy a short presentation by Harvard-trained psychiatrist and Julliard-trained concert pianist, Dr. Richard Kogan. It’s a story about Russian composer and pianist Rachmaninoff, and how his psychiatrist Dr. Nikolai Dahl, helped him recover from depression to write and play beautiful music.

If I regret anything about not going to American Psychiatric Association (APA) meetings, it’s missing the opportunity for experiences like listening to Dr. Kogan, who broadens our perspective on what psychiatry is and what psychiatrists do.

Reflecting on what the point of this piece is, at least to me, I find the message is more about the meaning of healing and not so much about psychiatric treatment. Learn more about Dr. Kogan below. It’s a Psychiatric Times article; registration is free in order to view it. Or, if you prefer, read the Wikipedia article.



  1. Pinned your post on my Therapy, Coaching, and Self-Help board. Thank you as always for inspiring me and helping me inspire others.

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  2. darlynna7 says:

    Thx Jim!! Brilliant ~ loved it!!!

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