Support AMA Res 313 Opposition to the FSMB Maintenance of Licensure Program

“Res 313 Opposition to the FSMB Maintenance of Licensure Program
posted at 5/5/2014 12:06 PM CDT
RESOLVED, That our American Medical Association oppose any efforts by the Federation of State Medical Boards, Inc., (FSMB) to implement a “maintenance of licensure (MOL)” program in any state (New HOD Policy); and be it further

RESOLVED, That our AMA oppose any maintenance of certification (MOC) or recertification by a specialty medical board as a condition of licensure in any state. (New HOD Policy)”

I wanted to get the word out about the new AMA Reference Committee C Resolution 313 above regarding opposition to the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) Maintenance of Licensure (MOL) Program. I wrote a similar post yesterday about AMA Resolution 316 opposing Maintenance of Certification (MOC). My assumption is that these will be discussed at the AMA annual meeting in Chicago early next month.

So far I’m the only with a comment about Res 313 on the AMA Member Forum, but I hope that changes soon. My comment is below:

“I am so glad to see this coming. As I’ve posted on the other MOC forums, I fully support the principle of lifelong learning but I’m opposed to MOC or MOL as vehicles for either of them.

Again, I was the author of the resolution to oppose MOL in Iowa last spring, which was co-sponsored by the Iowa Psychiatric Society and adopted as policy by the Iowa Medical Society House of Delegates (IMS HOD).

Now that the IMS HOD no longer exists and has been replaced by what will likely turn out to be a more nimble format for addressing policy issues, I’ve also formally submitted what is now termed a Policy Request Statement for opposing MOC as well. It will be similar to the one adopted by the South Carolina Medical Associates House of Delegates, which specifically opposed mandatory MOC as a condition of for licensure, hospital privileges and reimbursement from third party payers.

It’s important to be aware of one feature of the FSMB-promoted MOL initiative, which is that simply because state medical societies pass resolutions opposing MOL doesn’t prevent state medical boards from continuing to collaborate with FSMB in the so-called MOL implementation pilot projects.

We just completed one of those projects, the ironically named Physician Acceptability Survey. This was to assess how Iowa licensees currently manage their CME and other lifelong learning efforts. The last question of the survey (Question 31), asked us what we think of MOL for Iowans.

You can guess what my answer was. I’ve never gotten the impression from my conversations with the Executive Director of IBM that MOL will ever be implemented in our state. But it’s still prudent to at least entertain serious and focused discussion of whether we want to allow the FSMB to control what is essentially a state medical board decision.

Having AMA come out and clearly state its opposition to MOL in Res 313 as a matter of policy could be very helpful and I support it. MOL would, in my opinion, hurt recruitment of physicians to our state. This is critical because we’re a physician shortage area.

Once again, you can learn more about MOC and MOL from  and from my blog site ”

Sure wish somebody would stand by me in the AMA Member Forum.



  1. Yet another AMA resolution opposing MOL is AMA Res 319 Maintenance of Licensure

    RESOLVED, That our American Medical Association oppose any efforts to require the Federation of State Medical Boards maintenance of licensure (MOL) program as a condition of medical licensure; and be it further
    RESOLVED, That our AMA oppose any MOL initiative that creates barriers to practice, is administratively unfeasible, is inflexible with regard to how physicians practice (clinically or not), that does not protect physician privacy, and that is used to promote policy initiatives (rather than competence) such as participation in health plans, subscription to data exchanges, and specialty board certification.

    If you’re an AMA member, please consider adding your comments to these and the several other similar resolutions opposing MOC and MOL currently up for discussion at the AMA HOD meeting in early June.


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