Make Love, Not Pot?

So we saw this CNBC special presentation on the social experiment that is also the making of, potentially, hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue from recreational marijuana sales in Colorado. This makes a lot of people highly anxious, what with all the worries about the legal hassles. Minnesota has been in the news recently with it’s new law about medical marijuana, which I found out about initially from Dr. George Dawson’s blog post.

Apparently there are some problems with the medical marijuana definitions in Massachusetts, which worries a lot of people:

And I’ve said a few things about Iowa’s pending medical marijuana law as well, which also causes anxiety.

Maybe we should make love, not pot.

So my wife is running out today to buy a movie we both really like, “Wall-E.”

WallE and plantNo, I’m not going to tell you how many times we’ve watched it already on TV. I like the image of the wilted-looking plant that Wall-E finds, which is a strike against consumerism, waste, and which draws him closer to EVE, highlighting the primacy of relationships between people.Sena and Jim

The plant doesn’t look anything like marijuana.

We like the movie because it’s about love.




  1. Jim,

    I think a lot of the confusion comes from the fact that marijuana/cannabis is still a Schedule 1 drug. When the Obama administration suggested they might look the other way in states where it is legal, the conditions for that were specified in a letter from the AG’s office that said basically we still can prosecute you, even if it is legal in your state under certain conditions.

    I don’t think I would depend on the memo for very much. I would depend on career DEA agents and other law enforcement continuing to do what they do until marijuana changes in its place on the Schedule of Controlled Substances..


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