Riding the wave

Yes, I’m still trying to be on vacation. This is the first time I’ve ever reblogged someone’s post. It’s by someone who could teach me a thing or two about how to do vacations.

Travels with Tom

One thing we’ve done a little better on this trip than we maybe did on the First Annual Rocklin Guys Winter Get Away is… relax. That is a big part of what vacations are for, right? It’s tempting when we are in an exciting new place for a short time to try to pack as much adventure in as we can, but I think we found a balance this time around. Yesterday, Zeb and I started the day with a walk to Green Flash Coffee, just a bit up the road from us. Green Flash is a tiny, tiny establishment that serves coffee (of course) and various baked goods and sandwiches, along with ice cream and milk shakes. There is no seating inside, but a couple of picnic tables stand outside the door, and there is a beautiful, leafy bower to the side of the building with a few small…

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