Happy Father’s Day!

It’s Father’s Day and my wife and I were sitting at our dining room table looking out the large picture window while drinking our coffee. We suddenly noticed a very curious thing. It was a large goose running down the sidewalk followed by a much smaller one which looked like it was probably a gosling with fairly new feathers. I couldn’t tell if the larger one was the gander or not but ganders share in protecting and nurturing their young.

I’m going to assume it was a gander with his gosling.

The funny thing was that our street is a fairly long way from water. Was the gander showing his gosling the neighborhood? Was the gander simply lost and leading the gosling in the wrong direction?

Was he trying to run away from the gosling in order to foster a sense of independence in his youngster? If so, he could have just flown away. But there they both were, running like the proverbial silly geese down the sidewalk to God knows where.

Dr. Paul Thisayakorn and Dr. Jim Amos

Dr. Paul Thisayakorn and Dr. Jim Amos

It naturally led to musing about my role as a teacher and reflecting on what was probably my last meeting a few days ago with Paul, a talented resident for whom I’ve been more or less a mentor for the past four years, given his interest in Psychosomatic Medicine (PM). Paul is going to a PM fellowship program in Ohio next week. He’ll be moving with his wife and new baby.

I could have been a better mentor and find myself identifying a little with the gander.

But I’m justifiably proud of Paul, and some of you might recall a recent post about him. And I was surprised and touched by his parting gift of a necktie with images of elephants on it. Paul is from Thailand where the elephant is an important symbol of royal power and good luck.Dr. Amos with gift necktie

Paul also co-stars with Alex Gamble in a very nice video about how to conduct the Mini-Cog as a part of delirium assessment. I’m proud of Alex, too.

Dad Paul said goodbye. I could not.

Anyway, those are my thoughts about Father’s Day and I hope Paul and all ganders out there have a great time.


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