I’ll Be Looking Out for You

I got a nice surprise from the medical student clerkship that warmed my heart. It’s a tangible symbol of how I want to be remembered by the students. The feedback I got was that I’m pragmatic, passionate, and perturbed. I’m just kidding about the last one–I think 🙂 When they graduate and if they do their internal medicine, surgical, or what-have-you residency here, they’ll be looking for me as a psychiatric consultant. And I’ll be looking out for them–even if I take early retirement. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you feel somebody looking out for you…it’ll be me.

Dr. Amos with award (2)



  1. Congratulations Jim,

    It is pretty obvious from what you post here that you make a great and high quality effort in teaching. In this era where productivity is generally measured only in how many patient encounters generated – that requires a substantial effort.

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