Zombie Apocalypse Walking Meditation for Resident Stress Management?


The link in the tweet above takes you to an article about how important enhanced resilience is in new resident physicians. This is critically important in July when stress is rampant on the wards. I’m surprised the author didn’t mention Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). There are now iphone apps for meditation available, even for the walking meditation, which would make the most sense for busy trainees who are always on the go.

Because mindfulness meditation isn’t really about achieving nirvana or even serenity per se, it would be a great skill for residents to learn before they even begin their training. You don’t want to be in nirvana in the middle of the night when a patient needs you to be fully present in the moment–no matter how intensely unpleasant the moment may be.

Walking meditation feels a little strange though. It’s a little like laughing yoga. Even if you don’t feel mirth, faking it until you make it seems to help you feel better and to promote better health.

The odd thing about walking meditation is that the technique makes you look a lot like the walking dead. Maybe it could even make you feel like a zombie,  transforming you just like laughing yoga can.

Hmmmm. OK, so do we all have that? Maybe just a another example just to drive the point home and get you into the mood.

So you can see that the Zombie Apocalypse Walking Meditation could be yet another way of building resilience in busy residents, who pretty much feel like zombies after a night on call.

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