CPCP: Neurosarcoidosis

We had a special treat this month for one of our Clinical Problems in Consultation Psychiatry (CPCP) presentations. A Neurology resident, Dr. Dela Amoussou, MD, delivered this one and he did an exceptional job. By the way, he has been very instrumental during his rotation through the Psychiatry Consultation service, even demonstrating key elements of the neurology exam to the medical students.

Dr. Amoussou’s presentation is on neurosarcoidosis, an uncommon cause of psychosis, delirium, dementia, and other neuropsychiatric symptoms that many psychiatrists probably would not think of when assessing patients with new onset mental disorders.

Dela reminded me that sarcoidosis is a multisystem disease which can strike young adults, a tragedy which can ultimately prevent them from fulfilling dreams, making important contributions to society, or having families of their own. It can stop them on the path of life just when they most want to set the world on fire.

So I reflected that this disease can disrupt cells, tissues, and organs all over the body–but it can also injure the mind and the spirit. This is another place where psychiatrists might be helpful. Even if we can’t stop the progression to physical disability, we can listen to them and try to understand them when they have sorrow and grieve the loss of great dreams.

In order to see the picture galleries of photos or powerpoint slides, click on one of the slides, which will open up the presentation to fill the screen. Use the arrow buttons to scroll left and right through the slides or up and down to view any annotations.

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