Look Out; He’s Using Shortcode Again! Decisional Capacity Assessment

I’m incorrigible; I’m trying to use WordPress Presentation Shortcode again to make a short presentation on decisional capacity assessment. This is a frequent request, I mean to help with decisional capacity assessment, not shortcode, of course.

This by no means does much more than scratch the surface of this issue, but it’s what’s essential for trainees to know when they rotate through the psychiatry consultation service.

What a lot of non-psychiatric clinicians don’t know is that they’re often the ones in the best position to assess the decisional capacity of their patients. Psychiatrists are helpful when there’s a neuropsychiatric syndrome present which we can evaluate to see if it’s substantially interfering with decision-making.

As always with this presentation shortcode thingy, you have to use the arrow keys to navigate each and every line on the slides. If you want to see the slideshow in full screen, click the 4 arrrow icon in the lower right hand corner. Hit ESC to exit full screen.

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