WordPress Presentation Shortcode; The New PowerPoint: Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms

So this is another quick presentation using WordPress shortcode on an important topic in Psychosomatic Medicine–somatic symptom disorders. Although I understand and respect the DSM-5 reconceptualization of the somatoform disorders, I’m still going to use the term Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms (MUPS) because it’s readily recognizable. Many doctors are still using it for convenience. Most doctors still use a term like it when they request a consultation from psychiatry in hospitalized patients who present with puzzling symptoms. It’s important to remember that, in many cases, psychiatric symptoms can be dissembled (in the case of factitious disorder and malingering).

As always with this presentation shortcode thingy, you have to use the arrow keys to navigate each and every line on the slides. If you want to see the slideshow in full screen, click the 4 arrrow icon in the lower right hand corner. Hit ESC to exit full screen.

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