National Suicide Prevention Week: Suicide Risk Assessment

Since September is Suicide Prevention Month and next week will be National Suicide Prevention Week, I thought it would be timely to post a presentation about suicide risk assessment. Nearly every day in my role as a psychiatric consultant I’m asked to assess someone’s suicide risk, usually after the patient has been admitted following a suicide attempt. There are a lot of guidelines about conducting suicide risk assessments and this one barely touches the surface. I think the most important lesson I’ve learned after doing this for many years is to pay close attention to the person’s life story. In it, I usually find a lot more than risk factors and protective factors. If we’re lucky, we find a reason to hope.

Suicide touches almost all of us in the places we often keep secret. It can take a long time for the meaning of that story to surface, nearly a lifetime for some.

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The link to a great article about suicide risk assessment doesn’t work in the WordPress Presentation Shortcode slide where it first appears (but works on the last slide with the references), so anyway, it’s here at[tt_news]=175062

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