CPCP: Serotonin Syndrome Redux by Medical Students

Patrick HusseyAlice XuWell we had another very fine presentation at our Clinical Problems in Consultation Psychiatry (CPCP) case conference, this time by two very able and rightfully critical medical students, Alice Xu in her 4th year and interested in internal medicine and Patrick Hussey in his 3rd year, who is interested in anesthesia. This is a companion to a past CPCP on serotonin syndrome and Alice and Patrick bring an independent interpretation of the case report by Misselbrook and Shekar they reviewed.

We also have a talented clinical pharmacy resident traveling with us on the consult service for the next couple of weeks who lent her perspective on the treatment of the patient outlined in the article. We all agree that it’s a bit chancy giving an 89 year old woman with delirium benzodiazepines and/or cyproheptadine because they could very well contribute to delirium.

And that’s the whole point of the CPCP, to look critically at what we’re doing clinically and aim for careful appraisal of what we find in the medical literature and apply it to our continuous professional development. After all, this exercise helps all of us to think about what we do as clinicians and always strive for improvement. All in all, I’d say it’s a very respectable contribution by a couple of promising young doctors-to-be.

In order to see the picture galleries of photos or powerpoint slides, click on one of the slides, which will open up the presentation to fill the screen. Use the arrow buttons to scroll left and right through the slides or up and down to view any annotations.

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