Luisella Magnani on World Hospice and Palliative Care Day: Guest Post

Luisella MagnaniI’ve just received Dr. Luisella Magnani’s short article for the World Hospice and Palliative Care Day, Saturday, 11th October 2014. She wants to share it with the world. She also plans to send along her Poster Presentation for the European Delirium Association Congress, 6th and 7th November 2014, which will be held in Cremona, Italy.

Many thanks, Luisella and best wishes!


World Hospice & Palliative Care Day

                                                11th October 2014

           Achieving universal coverage of palliative care: Who Cares? We do!



If all the Children in Pain in the World read this Question and Answer they could say: ‘Here-am-I, Here-are-we’. And it’s just within this sentence I want to continue my writing devoted to this Universal day,

                                           ‘Here-am-I, Here-are-we.’

                                                                           Luisella Magnani

Donald Zolan painting of children Little Potters


The hat on Children’s head, that hat whose size is larger than the Children’s headsize, is the symbol of protection, covering, embracing, comfort, the symbol of ‘universal coverage of palliative care’. And interpreting Zolan’s Painting we can say that EveryChild in Pain wears a hat, whose-size-is larger-than-his-headsize, because that large space is not only space But also time, behavior cure, care, emotion, sensation, feeling, comprehension, interpretation, translation, sharing, believing, trust, truth and finally the cover of all covers, Love. Sureness, kindness, sweetness, quietness, calmness, are the shapes and shades in Zolan’s Painting, where Children wear their time in their space innocently, spontaneously, millisecondly, universally. I want to devote this Donald Zolan’s Painting to All the Children in the World, Children Who need Palliative Care. The videos, the interpretation and the study of Zolan’s Art-of-Innocence is a distraction therapy for PreverbalChildren in Pain who are fascinated by those Paintings, because not only they see them but, and above all, they feel them deeply, deeply because this approach motivates a positive behavioral, cognitive, emotional and environmental condition for the Child-Who-Needs-the-Total-Care. The shades and shapes are studied in a synaesthetical way and Children see, touch, hear, taste, smell and feel even the smallest detail, as a deep impression-and-expression each Painting discloses.

I want to be and do all my best for EveryChild in Pain in the World, Who-Needs-Palliative-Care, in Memory of my little Nephew Giampaolo, born on 5th March 2009 and died on 17th October 2010, because his HeavenLife-Is-his-EarthLife in my studies and researches devoted to EveryChild-in-Pain-in-the-World. Forever.


           Saturday, 11th October 2014                                                                       

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