More on the NbNomenclature App from Psych Practice Blogger

Christmas DogHey, you guys have to see this great post about Psych Practice blogger’s take on the new NbNomenclature app for psychotropic drugs. See my recent post about it, but Psych Practice scooped me about it a year ago. See the tweet below:

You can see screen shots and commentary about the app’s usefulness as well. It turns out that at least one other blogger besides me thinks it’s probably not ready for prime time.

Nigella reading articleAnd I agree with Psych Practice, maybe the reason Nigella had a problem downloading the app was that it may be only for the iPhone and not yet available for the iPad.

Is there anyone else out there who wants to share an opinion about the NbNomenclature app? It might make a good Christmas gift–at least it’s free.



  1. Hey, thanks! I hope you got some hits from my link. I’m thinking maybe Nigella needs an iPhone 6 for Christmas, to try out the app.

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