The Geezer is K’velling Again: Dr. Alex Gamble on Training Sitters for Delirious Patients

Dr. Alex Gamble, MD

Dr. Alex Gamble, MD

So I guess this post is another example of what Psych Practice blogger called “k’velling.” Dr. Alex Gamble, who is one of our best residents in the combined Internal Medicine–Psychiatry program, recently made the excellent training video above about delirium to be used in training sitters. Sitters are those who provide one-to-one observation for hospitalized patients with delirium in order to keep them safe. Alex is also our current Chief Resident in Psychiatry.

You remember Alex. He worked with another k’vellable resident, Dr. Paul Thisayakorn (now in a Psychosomatic Medicine fellowship in Ohio) making the Mini-Cog educational video.

Work like this inspires all of us. And I think it helps foster the evolution of the culture of medicine so that non-psychiatric physicians realize they don’t always have to call a psychiatrist as the first intervention when hospitalized patients suffer delirium.



  1. Pinning it my Emotional Fitness Site and that will share it on Facebook and Twitter. Good advice for all. Thank you Dr. Gamble. Sitters also need would benefit from practicing my 12 Easy Emotional Fitness Exercises. Will share pin when it is up. Found the the video on youtube


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