Simply the Best: Residents of the Month for January!

So the word is out, the residents of the month for January are two juniors. Usually a junior and a senior are named.

But these two juniors were too strong in January. They are Dr. Emily Morse and Dr. Andrew Segraves. Give it up for my nominees–simply the best.

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Solidarity for Compassionate Patient CareThese two outstanding performers were the best at humanistic patient care, working with colleagues in the general hospital who consulted psychiatry, embodying the principle of lifelong learning, climbing the stairs in the hospital no matter how many flights up a certain geezer wanted to run, and keeping our mascot Nigella gassed up.

the-java-house-632-lghtbxThey each got a $5 gift care to the Java House. Hey, I feel like a winner myself for the opportunity to work with them. Congratulations you guys!