International Childhood Cancer Day 2015: Message from Luisella Magnani

Yesterday, I heard from Luisella Magnani who sent me a moving essay based on the International Childhood Cancer Day 2015 which is observed today. You can learn more about it from this Briefer on ICCD 2015.

Luisella MagnaniLuisella is Professor at the College of science of Linguistic Mediation of Varese, disciplines General Linguistics; Researcher at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan, and Professor of Aesthetics at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Brescia. She also teaches seminars monthly on delirium in preverbal children with cancer at the Pediatric Hospital. You can see her other posts on this blog under the Delirium title in the menu below the header.

She is dedicating her work in memory of her little nephew, Giampaolo, who succumbed to cancer and suffered delirium as well. I’m always struck by her lyrical style and the unflagging determination to teach health care professionals how to prevent delirium in children. We’re used to thinking of delirium as a neurocognitive disorder which mainly strikes the elderly, but it can afflict anyone at any age. Luisella writes to us:

Luisella Magnani Intrnatl ChildhoodCancerDay2015


This was the first time I’d heard about ICCD, which got started about 13 years ago to raise awareness of the scourge of cancer in children and to encourage all of us to advocate for them. The symbol is a gold ribbon and you can learn about the Gold Ribbon Campaign in 6 languages below (click on any image to see enlarged in the gallery):


Let’s all stand together and help Luisella help the children, those with the pure souls. Let today be a day of gold ribbons by the millions.