New Message to Iowa Governor About Planned MHI Closings

I saw the recent news story saying the Iowa Senate approved a bill that could halt the upcoming closure of the Mental Health Institutes at Clarinda and Mt. Pleasant until they can develop a plan to assure the patients there will get suitable long-term treatment. The legislature would approve the plan. I fired off a message to Governor Branstad letting him know I’m aware of this and sent along a link to my petition to enhance access to inpatient mental health care, reminding him that I favor the development of a state mental facility along the lines of the Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital in Massachusetts.

I also reminded the governor that his office had recently received a petition with over 7,000 signatures from the nursing students from Iowa Wesleyan. I sent the petition as a pdf file now that it’s updated to my congressmen, petition-to-enhance-inpatient-mental-health-care2.