Petition Closed On the Shutdown of Iowa State Hospitals

I decided to close my petition on improving inpatient mental health care in Iowa yesterday because there have been no new signatures in a couple of weeks. Governor Branstad and the state legislature are still not working with each other and he’s never “collaborated” with UIHC Psychiatry that I know of. Layoffs of Mt. Pleasant workers are occurring. It’s likely that the two Mental Health Insitutes (MHIs) will close.

I think Iowa needs a vision for inpatient mental health care that comes closer to that which resulted in the creation of the Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital. I have not heard anyone say that community mental health resources are ready to pick up the slack when the two state hospitals close. Representative Dave Heaton got a standing ovation for his speech on Tuesday decrying Branstad’s action.

While there are differences of opinion amongst those of us who disagree with Branstad on the point of closing the MHIs, I see unity in the goal of improving mental health care in Iowa.