Luisella Magnani and Donald Zolan’s Paintings Together

Luisella MagnaniDr. Luisella Magnani sent me exciting news, which is that her studies, on the beauty of distraction from artist Donald Zolan’s paintings of children have been published on his website. This includes her poster from the 9th Annual Meeting of the European Delirium Association in Cremona, Italy in November 2014, LuisellaMagnaniPOSTER-CREMONA.

Zolan’s wife, Jennifer, believes in Luisella’s work and is permitting her to use Zolan’s paintings as an emotional therapy for children in pain.

The link to Zolan’s site where Luisella’s work is described will be in the menu beneath the header under the title “Delirium.”

Bravo, Luisella!

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