CPCP: Suicide Risk Assessment by Resident Psychiatrist Dr. Andrew Segraves

Dr. Andrew Segraves DO
Dr. Andrew Segraves DO

Coming at you with another well-done Clinical Problems in Consultation Psychiatry (CPCP) this one by psychiatry resident Dr. Andrew Segraves, DO on suicide risk assessment. Arguably this is the most important job of psychiatrists and we’re always striving to improve our performance, especially by listening carefully and empathically to our patients. You’ll remember Dr. Segraves who teamed up with Dr. Emily Morse on the CPCP on Pseudobulbar Affect in January 2015.

Dr. Segraves included an update regarding Dr. Igor Galynker’s Suicide Trigger Scale about which Galynker wrote a special article, recently published in the September 2014 issue of Psychiatric Annals.

You might also recall Dr. Galynker’s special recognition of me as well when he sent me a gift of Bumpy the Bipolar Bear, which I still haven’t figured out (click on the images to see larger size):

Bumpy the Bipolar Bear and the Practical Psychosomaticist
Bumpy the Bipolar Bear and the Practical Psychosomaticist
Bumpy the Firebear
Bumpy the Firebear on the psych consult service
bumpy mailing box
Bumpy’s mailing box to me at my other job at WordPress (apparently)?






Igor has shortened the STS assessment to a set of just two key questions which it wouldn’t necessarily take a psychiatrist to ask.

  1. Do you feel trapped with no good options left?
  2. Are you overwhelmed, or have you lost control by negative thoughts filling your head?

It seems we’re almost always seeing patients who clearly are ambivalent about being alive. We have an obvious bias. We want them to choose life.

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