Delirium and Major Neurocognitive Disorder for Medical Students: Presentation Shortcode

Here’s an update on the delirium and dementia (oops, I meant major neurocognitive disorder as per DSM-5) lecture for medical students using WordPress Presentation Shortcode. It’s not the same as PowerPoint–but close. I didn’t use bullets because then you’d have to click the navigation arrows each and every time for each separate bulleted line. We can do without that.

Yes, you heard that right. I don’t think I mumbled. I said…presentation shortcode is…BACK!

As always with this presentation shortcode thingy, you have to right-click on the URL links in just the right spot to make them work. If you want to see the slideshow in full screen, click the 4 arrrow icon in the lower right hand corner. Hit ESC to exit full screen. Slides are easier to see in full screen.

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