A Taste of Retirement

I’m on vacation and sort of getting an idea of what retirement could be like for me and my wife. Today we went for ice cream and a short walk along the Clear Creek Trail today and on our way back, stopped so I could get out and check our mailbox. As I was fishing out two pieces of mail, the brisk wind blew one of them out of my hand.

That led to a pretty comical chase after it, in which it would whip away as soon as I got close to it, which happened several times all over a neighbor’s front yard. I finally pounced on it, ending up on my hands and knees and laughing so hard I almost lost it again.

It was junk mail.

So what was the other piece? Well, it was just a good thing I didn’t lose that to the wind, because it was from one of my congressmen, Representative Dave Jacoby. When I contacted him a while ago to express my concern about Governor Terry Branstad’s planned closures of the Mental Health Institutes at Clarinda and Mt. Pleasant, he replied right away, in total agreement that this was not the most well-conceived move by the governor.

Anyway, the envelope containing Dave Jacoby’s mail to me said clearly “”Do Not Bend! Certificate Enclosed!” I drew a breath because I had fallen on it while chasing my wind-blown piece of junk mail, desperate not to lose something critical like my 1000th invitation reminding me to join the AARP, when all along the important item was what I had in my hand (click to enlarge):

James Amos Certificate of Recognition Iowa House Representatives - Copy (2)


What a relief. Thanks, Dave!

Anyway, when I showed it to my wife, that reminded her to tell me of the latest news item about the Iowa legislative effort to stop the MHI closures until something substantive could be done to find appropriate placement for the remaining patients at the two state hospitals, which another legislator, Senator Liz Mathis, talked about early last month.

Although I couldn’t find the news item to which my wife referred , I did find a rather comical article on the disorganized congressional MHI debates reinforcing the idea that one should never watch sausages or laws being made.

That said, I’m very happy with the Iowa House of Representatives recognition of my wide ranging influence (reminiscent of free range chickens) and stunning career (it could stun a bull at 10 paces).