Legislator Loebsack Letter: Can’t Touch This

OK, so I admit the letter I wrote to my US legislators about Maintenance of Certification (MOC) being problematic in the SGR H 2 bill probably overemphasized the issue. Overall I’m as glad as most physicians are about the bill being passed. However, the message I received in reply from Representative Dave Loebsack was over the top (click to enlarge):

Loebsack Legislator Letter


I keep wondering what the heck he really meant. Maybe it was something like:


On the other hand, I can’t hold back and not show you the quick follow-up message with the apology:

Loebsack Real Letter2

Usually I don’t get replies from congressmen. They’re politicians after all and accustomed to slipping the windmill punches from voters. It reminds me of my letter to President Obama. It’s too good; you just can’t touch this. Thanks, Dave!