Remembering Our Friend Nigella


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Nigella fire trucks and Dr. Jim AmosI have bad news. We lost a friend yesterday. Nigella, after a protracted exhalation, finally expired. The mascot of the psychiatry consult service just couldn’t hang on any longer. It’s ironic but inspiring (no pun intended) that walking Nigella down to the gift shop about once a week for her regular helium injection actually worked to make us all a little more humble and afterward, we didn’t take ourselves so seriously–for a short while.NJigella Ailing

Nigella’s gas anemia let us get small. Running around the hospital trying to put out all the fires my colleagues are trying their best to manage can wear us down a little. Nigella was a friend reminding us that taking on the world or taking one step at a time is a choice.Amos fireman

It’s hard to know how this happened. She was actually a sort of reincarnation of the first Nigella who succumbed to the same disease. I guess the karma was not good.

Working GiraffeBut I remember the first Nigella, chocking away at the computer in the consult office. She would sometimes bogart my workstation, but I understood that. It’s tough for giraffes to get ahead without internet access. It’s a jungle out there.

Or maybe it’s a savannah…wherever giraffes hang out.

Anyway, while I would be the last one to claim Nigella could ever truly be replaced, it would be nice to have a mascot reminding us to get small once in a while. I’ve interviewed a few applicants for the job, but I need your help in selecting the candidate with the right stuffing–I mean the right stuff. Be careful; one of them costs $100, so if you select that one, know that I’ll have to talk to the hand–the one that holds the budget.Hand

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  1. Jen Donovan, Emily Morse, and Amanda Schleslinger says:

    We will miss Nigella. May she have greener pastures. We will never forget her.


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