Leaving the Hurrah’s Nest Behind?

So I found another way to describe Maintenance of Certification (MOC). It’s a hurrah’s nest. Never heard of it? Neither had I until I got focused on a very messy Robins’ nest an industrious couple of birds were trying to build on our deck. In simple terms, a hurrah’s nest is a big mess which is the impression I always get when I try to navigate the Performance in Practice (PIP) modules (or just about anything else) on the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) website. I have a heck of a time finding anything in that hodgepodge.

If you need a definition and a word origin summary of “hurrah’s nest”, your best bet is probably here.

Anyway, I’ve seen a lot of Robins’ nests but none like the one below in the series of snapshots of our deck indicating a week of progress on what looks like an attempt to erect a bird high rise of some kind. I discovered later in a Google search that all kinds of birds build goofy nests in unusual places, even hubcaps.

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I removed the nest before the birds could lay eggs, figuring their survival would be even worse than usual. But they’re back at it because like most birds, they just don’t seem to know when to quit foolhardiness for good…and when it’s time for a change. For some of us that will mean retirement at long last. For other souls, it’ll mean the courageous confrontation of the laws that keep the boards’ hurrah nests in place. Good luck to the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons (NBPAS).

3 thoughts on “Leaving the Hurrah’s Nest Behind?

  1. Yes, absolutely, Dr Jim Amos. The robots flowing across the Idea Marketing treadmill screen represent well the nameless, faceless central planners, black suits, insurers, and unaccountable appointed politicos who control and distort the practice of medicine today. The health care industrial complex of Regulators + Insurers control the practice of medicine and surgery now rather than the scientists, university scholars, practicing clinicians, and working physicians who work directly with patient care. The robots unfortunately need to include a few lady bureaucrats among the crowd or crony opportunists, as a lady heading the National Quality Forum (and formerly the ABIM) and the JD MD lady CEO who leads regular, biased, and shady lobbying efforts from the ABMS are also part of the cartel hurting US healthcare, scamming continuing medical education programs, stealing office practice funds, and diverting Medicare payments away from patient care.

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  2. Too funny! LOL! Yup, Hospital Association carve outs, Obamacare ACA pickpocket vaults, Medicare payment formulas & dozens of measures from central planners and the National Quality Forum as baggage added on to the SGR repeal, and now the Federation of State Medical Boards and their infamous Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (Jan 2015), all serve as terrific nest holes for marketing unvalidated, absurd ABMS MOC (trademark) retests and retests of already Board-certified physician diplomates. Not a good use of taxpayer funds. Nest hurrahs for sure. Too bad the nest hurrahs continue to hurt patient care and divert, waste US health care resources. With too much govt and insurance cronyism, with central planners rather than doctors and universities in charge of US medicine, are we surprised at rising 30 day readmission rates in hospitals? Are we surprised with so many scarey hospital stories and poor hospital outcomes as good doctors are leaving hospital service or retiring altogether? Perhaps only a physician-surgeon or “citizen president” like Ben Solomon Carson, MD, former neurosurgeon, elected to the highest office can heal the US health care mess. — Dr Kathy Murray L.

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    1. Many thanks, Kathy. You know, it might interest you and others to hear about who designed the new ABPN website. It’s an outfit called Idea. A friend sent me the announcement, http://www.virtual-strategy.com/2015/04/26/american-board-psychiatry-and-neurology-launches-new-nonprofit-website-idea-marketing-gro#axzz3YSnLbj8m

      My first impulse was to say to myself, “So that’s why it’s a hurrah’s nest!” And then I saw the Idea website itself, http://www.ideamktg.com/

      Just looking at the robots slowly moving on a treadmill across the screen is enough to make me chuckle. What an apt metaphor for the board leaders!

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