Authentically Edging Away from “Authentic”?

So my wife alerted me to a local news article yesterday about Iowans nearing retirement. Just about everywhere I look, I’m getting messages that I’m nearing retirement. They’re in my email inbox, coming from my broker. They’re in my mailbox, coming from the AARP (of course):



I’m getting messages from Congress:

James Amos Certificate of Recognition Iowa House Representatives - Copy (2)


I’m getting messages from my wife that “things are gonna be different” in what started out as an indefinite time period and is now shrinking to a (what else can I can call it?) an unnervingly small space of time–the near future.

Anyway, the article mentions an AARP project called Life Reimagined. I’m a little scared of it…and leery. Partly it’s because the word “authentic” and other buzzwords are used so much on the website. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it’s a great program.

Why do I have to register, login, sign up? I got really hung up on the language until I finally felt driven to look for at least one other person who feels the same way I do about this “authentic” gig–and I found her:

On the other hand, it’s true that I’ve defined myself by my work for a long time. I think about what my life would be like in retirement–and my knees authentically knock together. Hey, I’ve seen what happens to some people when they retire.

They go back to work.

I have these images of myself over the years:

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So I guess I ought to look forward to how I’ll reimagine myself.

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