Matball Challenge Soon!

Happy Hollow ParkSo the Mat Ball Challenge (Psychiatry Faculty vs Residents) and Potluck is day after tomorrow, if that’s escaped your notice. Our Chief Resident, Dr. Jen Donovan, has come up with the official Matt Ball Rules below.

As I’ve been pointing out for about the last month now, the announcement for the Mat Ball Challenge is here. And just so you know, I’ve been in training for this almost an entire minute and a half or so, deadlifting the economy size full box of Cheerios, 1-2 reps between meatballs, jogging from the couch to the fridge, and thumb wrestling with the odd frog now and then. So I’m in pretty good shape.Dr. Amos big

It’s too tough to pick a winner right now, but the smart money is on…the residents.

Alice and Jen Donovan1
Jen Donovan, Psychiatry Matt Ball Commissioner

Matt Ball Rules for the 2015 Psychiatry Matt Ball Challenge:

Modified from rules by Dennis Docheff, who is an associate professor and Darrin Smith, a student at Concordia University in Wisconsin.



Dr. Amos as king of jungle
King of the Matball jungle

Batting rules  


  • The ball may be kicked any-where on the field.
  • Runners must stay on the baseline or it’s an out.
  • Once on base, runners are allowed to run at any time
  • More than one person may be on a base at any given time.
  • Players may stop on a base for as long as they like, but if they step off the base, they must continue to the next base (even if they just barely step off).
  • Runners must round the bases once.
  • If all runners are stranded on a base and there aren’t two players left to kick and run, it’s an automatic three outs.
  • If the batter misses 3 pitches it’s an out.
  • Bunting is allowed.
  • There are no “tag-ups”
  • Runners must return to the base if there is a foul ball


Dr. Amos in space
Way, way, way, waaaay out in right field.

Fielding Rules and Outs


  • Outs are made by a fielder catching a “pop fly”, tagging a runner or throwing the ball and hitting a runner (cannot hit head). The throw may be on the fly or on a bounce.
  • Fielders may be anywhere in the field, but must be a designated distance from the batter
  • In order to be a good pitch, the ball must go over the home base (mat).
  • Pitchers may fake a pitch to draw runners off the base. (Remember, once they step off the base, they must run.)
  • Runners may not advance on a foul
  • Fielders are not allowed to block runners.
  • There are no force-outs at any time.


Innings will be marked by 3 outs or 10 points (whichever comes first)

There will be 9 innings per game

Pitching will be done by the fielding team (be nice so the other team can kick it)

If there are other issues that come up during the game, team captains will discuss the issue and the Psychiatry Matt Ball Commissioner (Jen Donovan) will hear both sides and have the final say.

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