Mat Ball Challenge 2015: Residents Undefeatable; Faculty Undeflatable!

Play ball!

Play ball!

Well, it’s in the books. The 2015 first UIHC Psychiatry Department Mat Ball Challenge (Residents vs Faculty) is now history.

Residents win–probably because I didn’t play. It was a hangnail thing.

Anyway, it’s clear the residents are undefeatable and the faculty are undeflatable. It was a pretty decent turnout and, although rain threatened to make the event a bust, it was short-lived.

I was fired from score-keeping by the questionable authority of the self-appointed Mat Ball Commissioner, Dr. Jen Donovan…who is technically a resident although she is graduating. I won’t mention conflict of interest–just sayin’.

Run, don’t walk the bases.

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  1. Emily Morse says:

    Perhaps the faculty will fare better next year if you play! And it might work out better for you than the score keeping job…


  2. Good game. Thanks for well documenting the game!


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