Next Level Matball Trophy Pranking

It has come to my attention that departmental competitiveness has reached a new high since the triumph of the residents over faculty at the First Annual Psychiatry Department Matball Challenge and Potluck not long ago. Recall there were trophies, First Place for residents and Second Place for faculty.

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It turns out that the rivalry was not left on the field and somehow found it’s way into the residents’ hangout where both the faculty and resident trophies were displayed…for a while. They were on top of the brand spanking new water cooler until…somebody stuck the residents’ trophy on top of the faculty trophy.

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Because of the unusual nature of this arrangement, it was difficult to actually see the faculty trophy, instigating a concern by a certain somebody about the implications and prompting the understandable response of sticking the resident trophy in the fridge.

We think that maneuver might have led to the ultimate fate of the faculty trophy:


Persons who spoke on the condition of anonymity revealed that the inspiration probably came from:

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