Where the Paths of Art and Science Intersect…

I noticed an email announcement about Robert Vijay Gupta, a violinist with the Los Angeles Symphony–and founder of the Street Symphony who will be speaking and playing at the upcoming Psych Congress meeting in September.

It’s easy to be inspired by him. He makes the case for a passionate, humanistic appeal for remembering the vital importance of art and its relationship to neuroscience. Psychiatry attracts both artists and scientists. I’ve known several in our own department.

There must be an art to combining art and science. Some scientists do that very well, sometimes in startling ways. I consider Dr. Henry Nasrallah a scientist although he posed an interesting scientific question recently in a very artful way.

I’m mostly an artist. What else could the rodeo clown of psychiatry be? That’s why I partner, in a way, with my old teacher, Dr. Bill Yates, who modestly attributed the success of his wonderful neuroscience-rich blog to another organization.

Way to go, Bill. You’re one heck of an artistic scientist.

I think the real challenge is to yoke art to science and create a new mainline of knowledge we can all embrace.

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