The Delirium PIP Saga Continues…The Road to PreApproval

I just want to let you know I’ve not forgotten about the Delirium Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Performance in Practice (PIP) Tool project that one of the residents and I have been working on. I just submitted the Individual Preapproval Request form outlining the general criteria and process for the project to the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN). They tell us we don’t need a sponsor. I also sent a draft of the work so far, which is being examined…probably with furrowed brows.

No matter. Don’t forget about the new Poll about gaming the MOC PIP system, which so far has only one vote:

And you know what I just found out? The two senior medical students currently rotating on the psychiatry consultation service had never even heard of the 6 core competencies, so I had to give them a quick rundown and a free rant about the MOC:

Medical Knowledge

Patient Care

Systems-Based Practice

Practice-Based Learning and Improvement


Interpersonal and Communications Skills

They can be considered separately but in practice are deployed together.

If the medical students are not hearing about all this from day 1, how can we expect them to be ready to digest the MOC when it’s rammed down their throats?

They’re also getting used to walking all over the hospital.

A couple of days ago; a little over 4 miles
A couple of days ago; a little over 4 miles