The Geezer’s View of Retirement

retirement_intro__1329422884_6856So my wife added a link to our favorites list, Bogleheads on retirement. I’m starting to get hooked on the Bogleheads, and retirement is on our minds a lot lately.

The big question is what will I do when I’m retired? I’m pretty sure I could cope with the question coming from others…as soon as I’ve figured out my answer. But the science says I could be healthier after retirement, according to a recent study.

The Bogleheads seem to always have a remark about doctors, like the one below:

“This is exactly right. Doctors are the worst. Many have made no efforts to get interested in anything else, and as they approach retirement are clueless about what to do.”

That kind of smarts, to tell you the truth–mainly because it’s probably true. On the other hand, I really enjoyed our latest vacation to Niagara Falls. And we’re planning to visit Washington, D.C. next week. I have this recurring nightmare that we’ll run into Donald Trump, don’t ask me why.

Trump: Good to see you Dr. Amos; I sure would like your vote in the upcoming election. I just love coloreds…and coloreds love me! Did you know I’m worth a gazillion dollars? All yours if you vote for me!

Me: Excuse me; I’m trying to eat my Caesar salad. Try not to lean over me.

Trump: Don’t worry; my hair doesn’t fall out thanks to modern surgical techniques about which I’m sure you’re aware as a practicing proctologist!

A gentleman shouts to Trump from across the street, “Hola, senor Trumpito; como estas, viego!” [sorry, no Spanish font on WordPress]

Trump: No thanks; it gives me gas!

I wake up in a cold sweat and wonder if seeing Mount Vernon would be worth the risk of a Trump encounter.

Anyway, I think about retirement whenever I’m on vacation.



  1. Writers never retire and you are more than a medical man, you are a writer. Thank you so much for your support. So honored to see Emotional Fitness Training in your header.

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