Smartphone Saga Has a Nice Ending…I Hope

So we just upgraded our phones. Sena has a new flip phone. I  finally have a smartphone, an iPhone 6. The mission took about 2 hours today and I’m still trying to figure out exactly how the gadget works. I spent a long time shopping for a belt clip so I can get style points. […]

Reflection On Retirement

I started writing this post in longhand on a paper tablet while waiting for the two AA batteries I’d gotten from the freezer to warm up. My computer had sent me a message that my wireless mouse battery life was low. I read somewhere a long time ago that writing is a psychoneuromotor exercise, which […]

The Geezer’s Final Countdown to the Clozapine REMS Program

So here’s the Geezer’s final countdown to the Clozapine REMS Program. I’m still getting “Final Overdue Lab Notices” although none of the patients I’m getting these notices for are under my care. Obviously by now everyone realizes that the Clozapine manufacturer has likely abandoned the final deadline of December 14, 2015 so it’s pointless to emphasize it. […]

Reaching Out with cCBT

So my wife found this article about computer-assisted Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (cCBT) for depression. It cited a study which found that it was no more effective than in-person “traditional” CBT  in primary care for helping depressed patients recover [1]. I wondered why anyone would believe that the challenges for engaging patients in face-to-face psychotherapy would be […]

Thankful for the Treasures We Have

I watched a TV program last night about an adventurer and art collector named Forrest Fenn, a man in his 80s who reportedly hid a box full of treasure somewhere in the vicinity of the Rocky Mountains about 5 years ago. Many have searched for Fenn’s treasure–and still search. Some claimed to have found it, which […]