Husbands and Anniversaries

Little Brown Church outsideWracking my brains like most husbands before anniversaries. Our 38th wedding anniversary coming up. What to do? Just sitting in my chair, thinking, “What can I buy for her?”

Got some old pictures out, pictures of the Little Brown Church in the Vale in Nashua, Iowa so many years ago. A different world then.

Got out my old wedding ring and did the natural thing–thought for a second I’d have to make a trip to the emergency room to get it past my second knuckle and off.

Breathed a sigh of relief.

Did you know tourmaline is the 38th anniversary gem stone? Or beryl.

Doesn’t want any more jewelry. Too expensive.

Sitting there looking out the window. She’s raking the garden.

Garden tools? Garden gloves? Gift card to Lowes?

Found all the old Lowes gift cards in the jewelry box. She kept them?

Now she’s watering. Clock is ticking.

Earlier walked the Clear Creek Trail. Saw a ladder tacked to a tree. No tree house at the top.

Make your own metaphor, I guess.

Now just sitting. Anniversary still approaching, just a few days.

Looks like she could use a little help in the garden.

“You came out just in time!”


Mowing, bagging leaves and grass clippings, topping off the mulch, noticing my hamstrings.

What could I buy her? Tourmaline-studded hand clippers? New wheel barrow with beryl hubcaps?

What happens to mulch anyway? Why does it disappear? Aliens eat it.

Tourmaline enriched mulch? Might constipate aliens.

Maybe I’ll think of something.

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