Anniversary Update

So we’re off to New Orleans to the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine (APM) Annual Meeting. There’s always a theme and this year it’s “The Art and Science of Communication in Psychosomatic Medicine.”

It’s always on the week of our anniversary. We’ve made the most of it.

Florida Shell Hunting

I got a little excited about the prospect of retirement lately.

I looked into a meeting with a Wealth Management Advisor…and decided against it.

But for the last few years I guess the Chicken of Life philosophy has kept me going–except in my weaker moments.Jim's 55th birthday card, the glorious chicken of life

My golden sun is sitting right next to me.

So we went to her favorite Chinese buffet for dinner yesterday and marveled at the fortune cookie predictions.

She laughed and said that was our anniversary dinner.

I’m just lucky, I guess.