What APM App?

apm2015generalmtg500x330Ok, so here I am in New Orleans pecking out this post with one finger and wondering how I could have missed the email from APM about the APM 2015 App.

But I did miss it. And all I brought was my old iPod…on which I can’t update the iOS to 7 or greater, which the App REQUIRES!

Gettin’ a little fancy on a geezer.

Turns out I can’t do speaker evaluations or claim CME…and who knows what else–not without the App. No paper forms for me.

Come on!

I used to imagine I had a little tech savvy.

Anyway, the hotel is close to the French Quarter–less than a 10 minute walk, I hear.

Hmmm…. Looks like my posts are going to be a little short this week.