I Cannot Not Keep Up?

So, I’m sure everyone is wondering where I stand regarding the acquisition of a smartphone following my difficulties with the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine (APM) App, which also led to a recommendation from my former teacher, Dr. William R. Yates, MD (the creator of the CPCP case conference for the psychiatry consult service):

Dr. Bill Yates
Dr. Bill Yates, MD

“I have to agree on the value of the smartphone in many areas for docs. MobilePDR and PubMed search apps are great and I would think they would be helpful on rounds. The usability factor for an old man like me really jumped after purchasing a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S5 from Gazelle.com for around $280. Big screen and the fastest Chrome browser in all my computers and gadgets.”–Bill Yates

I am still only at the contemplation stage of readiness to change regarding the purchase of a smartphone, although I will admit that, after I got home from the APM Annual Meeting, downloading the App to my iPad (which I’d left at home) was relatively easy and I was able to get my CME recorded. However, I’m pretty cheap and I’m still more than a bit wary about smartphones:

The Geezer vs Technology rt

After all, I was one of those people who carried a  Personal Digital Assistant for years until they were superseded by newer technology.

Palm Pilot, Yesteryear's SmartPhone
Palm Pilot, Yesteryear’s SmartPhone

Telephone timeRemember those? Of course you don’t! You know, I used to feel like I was always right at the cutting edge of technology–using a palm pilot. Nowadays, I feel behind, even with an iPad. I still use a flip phone and there was a time when I thought that was modern. I suppose I cannot not keep up.

“Of late years, I have noticed that my sailing has increasingly become a compulsive activity rather than a simple source of pleasure. There lies the boat, there blows the morning breeze–it is a point of honor, now, to go. I am like an alcoholic who cannot put his bottle out of his life. With me, I cannot not sail. Yet I know well enough that I have lost touch with the wind and, in fact, do not like the wind anymore. It jiggles me up, the wind does, and what I really love are windless days, when all is peace. There is a great question in my mind whether a man who is against wind should any longer try to sail a boat. But this is an intellectual response–the old yearning is still in me, belonging to the past, to youth, and so I am torn between past and present, a common disease of later life.”–E.B. White, from The Sea and The Wind That Blows.


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    1. You’re right, of course. That’s why I wondered about the new Samsung flip phone, which is, in fact, a smartphone. It might have saved me the hassle with the APM App. If it has a holster, I could wear it on my belt like I do with my current flip phone…to prevent butt dialing.


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