Changing Smoke Detector Batteries: Avoid This Day-After-Christmas Chore!

Here’s a day-after-Christmas-chore to avoid at all costs. Do it before Christmas. I swore I changed my smoke detector batteries last year. Or maybe it was the year before. There are like, 40 or so. OK, so maybe not that many, but it sure felt like it this time.

And it was a lot more complicated than last year for some reason. So maybe I just dreamed I did it. Today was more like a nightmare. Just getting started was a mystery because it took a while just to figure out I had to twist the smoke detector clear off the ceiling base.

Then it got worse. I tried googling the instructions but they don’t exist. Here’s my travail in steps for the PI2010 and KN-COSM-IBA Kidde smoke detector models:

In order to see the picture galleries of photos or powerpoint slides, click on one of the slides (in this case start with the one in the top left hand corner because this is a step-by-step), which will open up the presentation to fill the screen. Use the arrow buttons to scroll left and right through the slides and see the captions at the bottom. I took the pictures using my new smartphone!