New Year’s Eve Call to President Obama

So I saw Seinfeld’s coffee with President Obama today and gave him a call…Obama, not Seinfeld.

Dr. Amos on smartphoneMe: Yo, Barack, what’s up; you can give 20 minutes to Jerry Seinfield but you can’t answer my letter about the Maintenance of Certification (MOC)?





Obama_2_flickr_nasa-hq-photPresident Obama: Sorry Jim, didn’t I answer that? I thought I did.



Dr. Amos on smartphoneSorry, Barack; that was no answer. Maybe I could stop by for coffee?





phone Obama_2_flickr_nasa-hq-photWhoawhoawhoawhoawhoa; I didn’t know you had a ’63 Corvette Stingray.



Dr. Amos on smartphoneWell, I sort of have a Lamborghini…





phone Obama_2_flickr_nasa-hq-photHmmm…I thought you were giving those away at some sort of meeting. The bag looked a little…you know…little.Dr. Amos Happy New Year man with the bag



Dr. Amos on smartphoneCan’t talk more about that now, although you could drop by Monday for our Psychosomatic Medicine Interest Group (PMIG) meeting for a sandwich and a case conference. It’s superior to the MOC and would emphasize the point I tried to make in my letter–which I still don’t think you read.




phone Obama_2_flickr_nasa-hq-photWait a minute, I’m looking through some papers on my desk…oh, here it is. Yeh, you know, Jim, I guess I did miss this. I sent you a letter I thought would fit the circumstances, generally, though.



Dr. Amos on smartphoneNot quite.





phone Obama_2_flickr_nasa-hq-photI usually leave matters like this to the medical specialty boards. Have you broached the issue with them?



Dr. Amos on smartphoneGreat question. As a matter of fact, I have. Didn’t get anywhere.





phone Obama_2_flickr_nasa-hq-photDid you try hashing it out with them over a beer?




Dr. Amos on smartphoneYou know, I probably missed an opportunity there. It might take many beers.





phone Obama_2_flickr_nasa-hq-photProbably ought to stick with coffee.




Dr. Amos on smartphoneRight. Hey, duty calls, I gotta run. How’d you like that Decoupage Fruitcake Mahogany File Cabinet I sent you for Christmas?





phone Obama_2_flickr_nasa-hq-photInteresting. I didn’t know 3D printers could make fruitcake.



Dr. Amos on smartphoneIt was a real fruitcake, dude. Happy New Year!





phone Obama_2_flickr_nasa-hq-photMaybe that’s why Michelle threw it out. Later, Jim and Happy New Year!


2 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Call to President Obama

  1. Jim,

    Great stuff.

    I just watched that episode with President Obama last night.

    I am a small i independent, but I came away with the impression that Obama has an ideal personality for being President. I think the best sign of that was when he said he was the “coolest” President. Not many people could pull that off without eliciting groans or outrage.

    Happy New Year!


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