New Mascots…Again

Hal undertheweatherAnother mascot bites the dust. This led to one of the senior residents stepping up to the plate and finding…Del and Ron, quite possibly the last psychiatry consult service mascots we will ever need.

new mascots Del and Ron
The new mascots, Del (the little guy) and Ron.

Del is short for “Delirium,” and Ron is short for “Neuron.” If you look at either one of them for too long, you’re likely to get delirious, which can make you lose a few neurons.

One feature you’ll immediately notice is that they are not balloons–so no more weekly trips to the gift shop for a shot of healing helium. Our new mascots also turn out to have close connections with medicine and psychiatry. Del is actually a Zombie Virus and central nervous infections can actually make the brain go way haywire from encephalitis–which makes me wonder why Ron the neuron would want to share the limelight with Del as co-mascot of the psychiatry consult service.

Del background history
Del the zombie virus
Ron background history
Ron the neuron








Imagine the acceptance of both of these guys for each other.

Del the mascot and fire truckDel: Ron, I love ya, dude.





Ron the mascot lounging

Ron: Don’t touch me.





Del the mascot and fire truckDel: Just think, Ron. You guys make up a brain that uses only 10% of it’s thinking power. It’s a rigged system. Just ask Bernie Sanders!





wore out my socks again on the campaign trail...
wore out my socks again on the campaign trail…

Bernie: Corrupt; totally corrupt.







Ron the mascot loungingRon: That’s a total myth. We’re giving 100% all effort all the time!






donald trump on the phoneThe Don: I am going to build a wall around guys like Del to keep them out of the central nervous system. It’ll be stronger than the blood-brain barrier and furthermore Del and his buddies are going to pay for it!



Rubio on phoneRubio: Who let him in here? Go hang your pants out to dry, Don!



Ted Cruz on phoneCruz: Why doesn’t anybody like me?




Hillary Clinton on the phoneClinton: Because you sort of look like an alien, Ted.





Ron the mascot loungingRon: I’ll tell you who looks like an alien, and that’s Del.





Del the mascot and fire truckDel: On the contrary, I’m pretty good looking. And I’m not paying for any bleeping wall!





Kasich on phoneKasich: Don’t listen to these guys, kids. This is not what America is all about.



donald trump on the phoneThe Don: If I said “bleep” the media would be all over me. I never say “bleep” and you can’t blame me for just repeating what some other bleeping dope said, which was “bleep, bleep, bleep,” and also “blankety-blank!”



ben carson phoneCarson: Would somebody please attack me?




Hillary Clinton on the phoneClinton: I have never received any classified emails from Del or Ron.





Del the mascot and fire truckDel: That’s true! I can’t even reach the keyboard!





donald trump on the phoneThe Don: I can wash my hands of you in 3 minutes, Del! Can you say “Avagard?”




Ron the mascot loungingDel: Stop cursing! And nobody spends 3 minutes washing their hands!





ben carson phoneCarson: Go ahead, attack me. Make my millennium.




Kasich on phoneKasich: zzzZZZ


Del the mascot and fire truckDel: Enough already. Let’s set an example for civility, Ron.





Ron the mascot loungingRon: OK.





Del and Ron the new psych consult mascots

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