Psychobombastic Medicine Name Change Poll: Choose Now

You knew this was coming. It’s a poll and a follow up to yesterday’s post announcing Don R. Lipsitt’s book “Foundations of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry: The Bumpy Road to Specialization.” My copy just shipped today.

Don Lipsitt book FoundationsofCLPsychiatryBumpyRoadtoSpecialization_

Novel entries for a new name are welcome. Have fun.

2 thoughts on “Psychobombastic Medicine Name Change Poll: Choose Now

  1. Your posts have got me thinking on this topic.

    Here is my proposal.
    1. Combine neurology and psychiatry into new specialty called Neuroscience Medicine.
    2. Neuroscience Medicine specialists doing consults would be called Neuroscience Medicine Consult Service

    There have been similar proposals for a psychiatry name change to clinical neuroscience. Patients don’t know what clinical means so I think neuroscience medicine is better.

    Can you think of any other consult service struggling with this issue?

    Psychosomatic Medicine really needs to go. Psychosomatic is derived from Freud. Freud is dead and so is psychoanalysis. The goofy Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine carries a semantic remnant that needs to be purged.

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    1. Hi Bill,

      I included your suggested name of “Neuroscience Medicine Consult Service” in the poll. Combining Neurology and Psychiatry into a new specialty would be a bold move. I wonder how neurologists and psychiatrists would receive it.

      You raise fascinating questions which lead me to wonder how it would be received by the ACGME, ABMS, and the ABPN. What would be the implication for the controversial Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program? How would residency training programs change?

      I doubt any other consult service in medicine has a problem with their name, not like we do.

      When APM sent out the poll asking members whether or not the name “Psychosomatic Medicine” ought to be changed, I voted that it should. Did you see my post on what the American Psychosomatic Society did with their own angst about the name of their organization, “Name Change A Game Changer?” They kept the name.


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