Psychiatry Dept Matball 2nd Annual Challenge 2016: Residents vs Faculty

We are here!
We are back!

Believe it or not, the 2nd Annual Psychiatry Residents vs Faculty Matball Game and Potluck will be held June 11, 2016 starting at noon at Happy Hollow Park in Iowa City. So far, residents lead the series, 1-0. This, of course, means nothing because I have been working out:




Dr. Amos big










The rules are the same:


The Chief Resident has a problem with the one about the faculty win requirement. Details, details. And because I’m generous to a fault, I won’t mention any names in connection with the Faculty trophy somehow ending up in a tub of Jello last year…as long as certain individuals pay up in cash by the end of this week.

Save our sense of humor!!

Let’s get started.