The Future of “Psychosomatic Medicine”?

This is a follow up to yesterday’s post on the continuing Psychosomatic Medicine (PM) name change saga. It’s a bit short to stand on its own as a post but a bit too long to be a comment. I can come up with a raft of new names to replace PM…almost none of them appropriate. I asked Dr. Don R. Lipsitt his opinion on what name he thought would be best. His answer:


If you look at the front matter of the Amer J of Psychiatry where all Councils and Committees are listed, you will see that the ONLY Council that requires a parenthetical “explanation” is Psychosomatic Medicine. C-L comes as close recognizably to what we do. Hard to know what would be better, maybe Medical Psychiatry but isn’t that almost as redundant as Psychiatric Medicine? Is there NON-medical psychiatry? It’s a conundrum!

I’ll be jnterested in your poll. Probably come up with all the same that have been suggested in the past. “Neuroscience” doesn’t do it for me.


It turns out Don is right.

APA AJP front matter PM parenthetical explan - Copy


The Dons will have to go back to the drawing board. The future doesn’t look so bright for “PM” but the saga will go on–who knows what’ll happen? Come to think of it, every time I mention it to my wife, Sena, she always says “What’s so wrong with C-L Psychiatry?”

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